Motion Tronic continues to make waves with our client-centric solutions. One such success story revolves around Silveray Stationery Company, a business that needed a transformative upgrade for its label dispenser. Faced with budget constraints yet needing a seamless transition, Motion Tronic’s innovative approach was the solution they needed. Not only did we address the challenges, but we also exceeded expectations. Here’s how we did it.

Customer Overview.


Silveray Stationery Company, a leading player in the stationery industry, approached us with a clear objective — replace the controller, motor, and drive of their label dispenser. Conventional methods proved financially burdensome, prompting our experienced team to engineer a cost-effective alternative that would meet Silveray Stationery Company’s needs without compromising quality.


The Motion Tronic Difference.


Our solution went beyond a mere component replacement. Our crew took on a comprehensive overhaul of the label dispenser’s electronic elements using Inovance brand components. This strategic choice restored the machine to its original capacity and offered a budget-friendly alternative.


The heart of the upgrade.


The heart of the upgrade involved replacing the servo drive, servo motor, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human-Machine Interface (HMI), and even the enclosure. Our engineering prowess came to the forefront as we custom-made the enclosure to fit the existing mounting holes of the machine perfectly. This saved costs and eliminated the need for any modifications, streamlining the transition process and minimising downtime.


Efficient Execution.


The entire project unfolded within the walls of Motion Tronic’s workshop. Precision was the hallmark of the component replacement and the fabrication of the tailored enclosure. Once completed, we seamlessly transported the upgraded label dispenser to Silveray Stationery Company’s site for commissioning.


Key Highlights:


  • Cost-Effective Upgrade: Motion Tronic’s alternative solution, leveraging Inovance components, provided Silveray Stationery Company with a budget-friendly option without compromising functionality.


  • Custom Enclosure: The specially designed enclosure showcased our attention to detail. It impeccably accommodated the new components while preserving the original machine’s structure, eliminating the need for alterations.


  • Efficient Execution: From component replacement to commissioning, we executed the entire project efficiently, minimising downtime for Silveray Stationery Company and showcasing Motion Tronic’s commitment to our operational excellence.



The label dispenser now operates at its original capacity, thanks to the successful replacement of the controller, motor, and drive. Silveray Stationery Company stayed within its budget while gaining an upgraded system that aligns perfectly with its operational needs.


Motion Tronic’s success with Silveray Stationery Company exemplifies our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction. As industries continue to evolve, Motion Tronic will continue standing as a beacon of excellence, transforming challenges into success stories.


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