In the fast-paced world of industrial automation, staying ahead of the curve isn’t just a choice; it’s a necessity. Motion Tronic has become synonymous with innovation in automation and control solutions. We recently embarked on a remarkable project showcasing our expertise and unwavering commitment to client success. Join us for a look behind the scenes as we undertook an extraordinary DC to AC extruder upgrade for a Swaziland-based company. We’ll uncover the challenges we faced, the ingenious solutions we crafted, and the resounding success we celebrated, all with a personal touch.

With a legacy spanning over two decades, Motion Tronic has become a trusted partner in the automation industry. Our specialisation lies in delivering cutting-edge control and automation solutions, and our reputation is built on excellence and dependability. What sets us apart is our knack for tackling intricate projects, customising solutions to cater to unique needs, and ensuring that new technology seamlessly integrates into existing systems. In short, we’re not just experts; we’re your partners in progress. And we never sidestep a challenge.

The Challenge: A Swaziland Upgrade Picture this: an outdated 110KW DC drive and motor system in dire need of a revamp and a company in Swaziland eager for a transformation. The mission was crystal clear – replace the obsolete with something more efficient and dependable.

The Extruder

The Personal Solution: A Customised Answer. At Motion Tronic, we don’t believe in one size fits all. We rolled up our sleeves and set to work, meticulously designing and constructing a top-of-the-line control panel. This panel was to be the heart of a new 110KW AC drive, accompanied by a specialised AC motor complete with forced cooling and encoder feedback. Every detail was crafted with care, ensuring precision and uncompromised quality.

The Control Panel

The Human Touch: People Do Business with People. Once the panel was ready, it was time for the personal touch. Motion Tronic didn’t just deliver the hardware; we dispatched a dedicated technician to the customer’s site in Swaziland. Why? To ensure a seamless transition from the old DC system to the new AC system, to make sure the client felt supported every step of the way.

The Motor

Commissioning, Connection, and Celebration. The commissioning process was no small feat. It involved reconfiguring the control signals that were initially connected to the DC drive, aligning them flawlessly with the new AC drive. This meticulous rewiring was all about preserving the system’s functionality, just as it was in the previous setup.

Testing followed, and the results were triumphant. In a surprisingly short span, the new AC extruder drive system was up and running at full throttle. The machine roared back to life, and that very evening, the client resumed production.

The Legend Plate

Motion Tronic: Where Expertise Meets Heart. Motion Tronic’s DC to AC extruder upgrade story isn’t just about technical prowess; it’s about the personal touch we bring to every project. As the industrial landscape continues to evolve, clients can rest assured that we aren’t just partners in automation; we’re partners in progress. Motion Tronic will remain a mainstay and a trusted ally in innovative automation and control solutions.

Motion Tronic consists of four divisions to ensure you get the very best, specialised industrial automation solutions. These include projects, technical support, repairs, and agencies. Our commitment to excellence consistently delivers results across industries. Make Motion Tronic your partner and explore a space where precision and performance intersect.

For more information on our suite of services and customised solutions, visit our website or contact us today. With Motion Tronic, you’re not just automating; you’re orchestrating achievement.

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