Motion Tronic is proud to announce that the SV660N from Inovance is now available. This servo solution is a cutting-edge single-axis EtherCAT servo drive that redefines dynamic performance within a compact form factor. This innovation revolutionises system efficiency by significantly reducing settling time and enhancing throughput. The orchestration of position control loops with synchronisation signals further amplifies the precision of multi-axis control.

Operating on a high-speed EtherCAT communication platform facilitated by a dedicated processor, this servo drive achieves an impressive cycle time of 125 μs across all seven EtherCAT CiA402 profile operation modes. With its intuitive setup and tuning process, the drive ensures swift installation. It boasts an ultra-responsive 4.5 kHz current loop and a speed loop bandwidth that reaches up to 3 kHz. This empowers the motor to impeccably track motion profiles, minimizing any deviations.

For South African OEMs, the SV660N offers an array of reassuring features. It incorporates SIL3 Safe Torque Off for functional safety, a concise output winding designed for secure braking, and adherence to CE and UL standards. The drive’s rugged design equips it to thrive in harsh environmental conditions that many South African OEMs may experience. Available with single-phase 220 V, three-phase 220 V, and three-phase 380 V supply voltages, it even retains multi-turn absolute information during power-downs, eliminating the need for repeated machine homing during start-ups. Additionally, its comprehensive data storage functionality ensures critical information is safeguarded in the event of any operational anomalies.

You can read what David Bedford Guaus, Inovance’s global strategic marketing manager for AC drives, has to say about the launch:

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