Motion Tronic recently partnered with Silveray Stationery Company to streamline their booklet production system with the aim of reducing future maintenance costs, ensuring precise paper ejection, and ensuring control of the entire system is user-friendly. Explore this project below to discover how we used cost-effective Inovance industrial automation solutions to achieve these outcomes and more for our client.

Project Overview

Motion Tronic set out to upgrade the existing mechanical equipment with advanced electronics, specifically integrating servo and motion control, to simplify maintenance and enable more precise, streamlined control of the entire operation. The system was built using Inovance equipment, including PLC, Servo motor, servo drive, VFD, and HMI.

Booklets evenly distributed and synchronised

Booklets evenly distributed and synchronised

Motion Tronic’s Role

 – Electrical Design

We developed comprehensive electrical drawings to seamlessly integrate the new electronics with the production line’s existing components.

 – Mechanical Integration

We collaborated with the mechanical team to successfully integrate the upgraded electronics.

 – Software and HMI Graphics

We designed a custom software system and intuitive HMI graphics for simplified operation and monitoring.

Complex gearing and pullies to eject the paper all powered by an Inovance Servo motor

Complex gearing and pullies to eject the paper all powered by an Inovance Servo motor


Project Technical Details

Motion Tronic streamlined future maintenance costs by making use of the cost-effective Inovance brand. Our approach involved incorporating a servo motor controlled through pulse control input, ensuring precise paper ejection. An intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) was implemented, allowing seamless system control and facilitating adjustments in speeds and timer settings as needed.

The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) operation was efficiently managed using Modbus, enhancing fault retrieval and providing timely status updates. To further improve fault detection and accessibility for maintenance, the upgraded system was now accommodated in a larger enclosure, making it easier to detect issues and carry out necessary maintenance tasks.


Objectives Achieved

Enhanced Maintenance

The upgrade simplified future maintenance through reliable Inovance components.

Precise Operation

The integration of servo and motion control ensured more accurate paper ejection.


By utilising cost-effective Inovance components, the project optimised costs for the client.

User-Friendly Control

The intuitive HMI interface allows for easy adjustment of system parameters.

Enhanced Monitoring

The use of Modbus facilitates efficient monitoring of VFD faults and status.

Improved Accessibility

The larger enclosure improves fault identification and maintenance convenience.

Inovance VFD driven conveyer for movement of booklets

Inovance VFD driven conveyer for movement of booklets

This project is a perfect example of how Inovance offers the technology to solve challenges throughout the production process. We were proud to have assisted Silveray Stationery Company with these bespoke technological interventions, designed specifically for their systems and within their budget. Please contact Motion Tronic if you’d like to enquire about how our automation solutions can help your business become more efficient, productive and profitable.