Our customer has asked Motion Tronic Projects to assist them in automating their material handling system with a cost-effective SCADA and PLC combination.  We designed, built, and installed a control system that can accommodate the controlling of blower fans, rotary feeding valves and divertors to be able to move product seamlessly by push of a button on the SCADA.

This exciting project gave Motion Tronic Projects an opportunity to show off our skills on SCADA graphics and programming. The system is using a Siemens PLC communicating over ProfiNet to the SCADA server with Weidmuller U-Remote IO in the field over ProfiNet and Invertek VSD’s for the rotary valves.


Buffer Feeding System

The priority buffer feeding system was implemented to give some buffer tanks higher priority than the others. This ensures the high priority lines do not stop and wait for product. Both buffer and silo system come with automatic purging and level control for over fill safety and interlocking. The system automatically switches the system over to the buffer tanks that call for product.

Silo Feeding System

The silo system is a semi-automatic system that depends on the operator input selection of which silo he wants to transport product to. Low level detection on the bag hopper for safety to ensure the system stops if there no product in the hopper. The silo’s have load cell weight indication on the SCADA which gives the operator actual mass of product in the respective silos.


For all your material handling automation queries please feel free to reach out to us at (031-701 1620).