When it comes to ensuring motors remain effective and working at full potential, testing the various components from time to time becomes vitally important. As sole partners in South Africa for the world’s leading servo motors and motor component manufacturers, we have state of the art motor test benches to get to the bottom of any issues you might be facing with your motors. We’re giving you a look inside our repairs lab and introducing you to three of our test benches below:

Motor winding analyser


Meet our imported, specialised winding analyser from Germany. This testing bench allows us to identify even the smallest of problems relating to motor windings. It’s important to make sure your servo motor windings are in a healthy condition. This is critical to maximise the lifespan of your motors after they’ve been repaired. We provide before and after reports of your motor windings, providing you with peace of mind that your motor will be returned to you in good condition.


Encoder alignment technology


Think you may have an issue relating to the encoders on your servo motors? Look no further than Motion Tronic and our encoder alignment capabilities for the answer to your problems. We have imported specialised encoder alignment technology which gives us the ability to re-align your servo motors’ encoder feedback devices after servicing them. This ensures that your servo motor runs at optimal performance levels as per factory specifications.


Ke Factor Test Bench


Sometimes being the leader in your field means pioneering new solutions to ensure you retain an edge over your competitors. We have built our own Ke factor test bench to accurately check the integrity of the rotor magnets in your servo motors. We run test servo motors to 1000 rpm and check that the Ke factor is within specification. When a servo motor’s rotor magnets lose magnetism, they lose torque. This is why it becomes critical to make this assessment when testing and oprimising servo motors.


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Have your motors worked on by the best

Need to have your motors assessed, serviced or repaired? Our repair lab aims for fast failure analysis and rectification so that your business gets up and running again quickly and without further hassles. Our Motion Tronic repair specialists share years of technical training and practical repair knowledge, with a goal to get your motors up and running again as smoothly and as quickly as is possible. Contact Motion Tronic today and have your motors worked on by the best!.


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