Motion Tronic has just commissioned new technology in the plastic injection molding industry.

This new technology involves a Servo driven core extract function. Conventional methods are hydraulic which are expensive to run, messy, and can cost R100 000s in rejected products when contaminated with oil. The Servo system benefits include:

  1. Less than 2% of the electrical running cost of conventional methods – that’s a 98% saving!
  2. Advanced functions for moves with torque limitation, absolute moves, and relative moves.
  3. Torque limitation, preventing damage to molds and reducing costly production down time and repairs.
  4. The cycle times for movements is normally 2-3 seconds but, with Servo driven systems, they are 775ms – a 300% improvement!
  5. In the food or pharmaceutical industries, if a product is contaminated with hydraulic oil the whole batch get recalled. That will not happen with a servo system as it doesn’t contain hydraulics.

Contact Motion Tronic to install and commission your next servo controlled mold and enjoy the benefits of cutting edge technology!