A “dynamometer” or “dyno” as it’s commonly known is a pretty important device for effectively testing variable speed drives. The remarkable equipment is imperative for ensuring that VSDs and motors are in good working condition and far from breakdown. Unfortunately, few industrial automation partners actually have a dyno available to use. This brings into question the quality of their tests, and when there are millions upon millions of Rands at stake, can you really afford to miss something?

What is a dyno?

Dynamometers are devices used across many sectors of industry to measure torque and rotational speed (RPM) of motors, engines, or other drives. In the case of variable speed drives, a dyno is vital to seeing if a VSD is operating at the correct speeds. In the automotive industry, dynamometers are used to provide simulated road loading to test engines (using an engine dynos) or full powertrains (using chassis dynos).

Why should you use one?

Variable speed drives fail for a bunch of reasons, including stress-driven diffusion voiding (SDDV), radiation embrittlement, corrosion, and electromigration. When VSDs are unable to operate efficiently, the entire system suffers. Without a dyno unit, there’s no way of knowing if a variable speed drive is operation as it should or not.

What can you measure?

Testing your variable speed drives with a dyno can uncover a bunch of vital data, including:

  • Load
  • Temperature
  • RPM
  • Phase Current
  • Phase Voltage
  • Torque
  • DC Bus Current, Voltage

There is also an opportunity to measure the frequency, slip, and overall efficiency of the variable speed drive. When there are drives and motors working together, this data can be used to optimise the drive/motor combination, reducing costs and energy consumption.

Testing variable speed drives and motors

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