Ultrasonic sensors are becoming commonplace in manufacturing plants and on factory floors across the planet. The technology has changed a bit since first being used industrially, but the number of applications has grown exponentially. Sensor technology is integral to so many automated processes today, across so many industries. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at how ultrasonic technology works, how ultrasonic sensing technology is used practically, and how to find the right ultrasonic sensors, from the best supplier, for your industrial automation aspirations.

Ultrasonic technology in short

The premise of ultrasonic sensing technology is simple: a device gives off an ultra-high frequency soundwave which can’t be heard by humans. That soundwave travels in a specific direction until it comes into contact with something, bouncing back in the direction from which it came and being picked up by a sensor. This data is most often used to measure distance, but the principle can be applied to achieve many other outcomes.

Ultrasonic sensors and automation

If automation is going to succeed in any industrial context, sensors are as vital as oil to an internal combustion engine. Different operating modes and device configurations mean ultrasonic sensors can be used in all conceivable automation applications. Some common uses for ultrasonic sensors include:

  • Presence detection
  • Web edge control
  • Diameter detection
  • Fluid level control
  • Label detection
  • Through-beam barrier
  • Obstacle detection
  • Splice & break detection
  • Volume flow monitoring
  • Stacking height control

Find the right sensor for your goals

Microsonic is an acknowledged specialist in the field of ultrasonic, edge guide and distance sensors for industrial automation applications and commercial vehicles. Their website is a useful source of information on choosing the best ultrasonic sensor technology for your specific automation needs. Try the Microsonic sensor selector to match your application to the best sensor for the job.

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