Motion Tronic Projects was approached to assist in designing and building a control system to balance the airflow from two ovens through a single extraction fan.

The extraction system is used to extract hot fumes from the main oven on the line. An existing extraction fan driven by a variable speed drive was used to extract the hot fumes through a filter system and exhaust the filtered air to atmosphere. The need for a second oven on the same extraction system called for the air draw from each of the ovens to be controlled to maintain production parameters. A Siemens S7 PLC with 4-inch HMI was sufficient to get the job done. The distance between the field devices and the control was approximately 150m away from each other calling for an initiative solution to be implemented. We achieved a reliable link between PLC and remote panels maintaining the ProfiNet protocol across the factory. We also implemented continuous flow monitoring to measure and ensure the performance remained within the operating parameters.

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