When it comes to drive repairs, our expert team can offer you the following:


1. Fault Detection

  • Dead testing for short circuits, blown IGBTs, failed rectifiers, etc.
  • Component level fault tracing and signal verification using calibrated oscilloscopes
  • Extensive database on multiple brands for gathering technical information related to your equipment
  • Advanced diagnostic testing through the use of specific software for Baumuller, Siemens, WEG, Lenze, etc.
  • Identifying when a service is required to prolong the lifespan of the equipment and prevent further downtime
  • Full disassembly of drives for thorough inspections
  • Brand leading testing equipment


2. Drive Simulation

  • Integrated testing station covering a range of voltages and signals allowing us to simulate both AC and DC supplied drives while monitoring phase balancing
  • Testing of control and power stages independently
  • Individually tailored testing jigs to simulate analogue and digital control signals
  • Parameter retrieval allowing us to safely simulate drives without losing our customer’s specific machine settings


3. Repair Process

  • Worldwide sourcing from international supplies for those spares that are not available locally
  • Comprehensive stock of components, reducing turn-around times on component level repairs
  • Ultrasonic washing of PC boards
  • Thorough cleaning of drives for full restoration
  • Experienced technicians carrying out reliable workmanship


4. Load Testing

  • Dynamometer and choke facilities for accurate and effective load testing on drives
  • Phase balance testing
  • Prolonged monitoring of drive diagnostics during operation through specialised software


The result?

Peace of mind for our customers knowing they receive their drives back fully tested, serviced, and restored to their original quality.


Thinking of repairing your servo motor or drive yourself? Take care! All servo motor and servo drives are mechanically calibrated to ensure the proper positioning of the device when it is commissioned. Failure to properly disassemble a servo motor or drive can actually cause the unit to become unusable in the future. Rather get an expert to repair your equipment and ensure it stays in perfect working order for longer!