At Motion Tronic, we’re proud of the fact that our premises is a hub of problem-solving ideas, solutions and quality products.
Our team goes full force to ensure that clients get speedy, world-class service and quality solutions, to create, enhance and maintain their automated processes.
Understanding our clients unique challenges is a priority and is what gives us an edge when it comes to determining specific solutions for businesses. If we take this approach and combine it with our fast turnaround time, we get results that offer big benefits to your business and save you time and money in the process.


We are leading specialists in PLC and drive automation, that offer turnkey solutions specific to your budget and needs. Through us, you can access cutting-edge technology to streamline production solutions and enjoy the benefits that accompany the implementation of a refined process.


To enhance is to “intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of” something. This is exactly what we aim to do through our unique solutions, we can help you improve productivity and your overall offering. In doing so, we add value to our customers’ businesses.


Did you know that we offer a range of service and repair options both on and off-site?
Many people’s first instinct is to immediately replace something when it breaks. This swift response may not always be the right one, as repairing is also often a very viable option.
Repairs can often be up to 25% cheaper than replacing the entire machine, and repairs done through Motion Tronic are efficient to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer from the effects of downtime.

What If My Machine Is Unrepairable?

In the event that your machine cannot be repaired, we are happy to help you get your hands on a replacement unit. Motion Tronic have partnered with global leaders such as Microsonic and Baumüller, to name a few. These strategic partnerships allow us to offer the very best local support, as well as extensive stock holding to assist in repairs and replacements.
Chat to us about how we can help you create, enhance or maintain your solutions, email or give us a call on 031 701 1620.