Our client contacted us looking for a solution for their machine, wanting to replace their current inverter.

We looked at all the options and specified an alternative drive. The Invertek Optidrive ODP-2-44185-3KF42-MN was our selected specification.

  • VSD compatible with thier Fanuc AC Spindle Motor
  • Control signals are 0-10V analog for speed and two digital input signals for forward run and reverse run. 
  • Requirement for 3 programmable outputs from the inverter for fault, up to speed and zero speed status. 

The client shipped the motor to us, for our technical team to set up the parameters on the VSD to suit the application. We then ran and tested the system in our workshop. Once completed and QC checks were done, it was then shipped back to the client, together with the technical schematics.

The system is now running and fully functional at the client’s premises. They now have a more efficient system in place (fully supported locally, by Motion Tronic) and are saving 35% on energy consumption. 

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