Something new is brewing.

We really love pushing the boundaries of innovation. When asked to take a solution and make an equivalent that works in half the space, it really gets those creative thoughts going.

This is the excitement we felt when we were tasked with developing a solution that orientates, feeds, counts and dispenses plastic parts automatically. 

The count varies for each call, and the dispensing time can

up to 12 clips, per 6 sec interval within the 2 mold sections. We have already conceptualised the solution in CAD, after some long round table discussions, to fine tune here and refine there. 

The concept is approved and the detailed CAD development, along with the electrical and software development, will be underway soon. We will be using virtual tools to take the solution from design to production, with minimal time spent testing, all the necessary testing will already be done virtually.

The solution will be making use of RFID to get the count, inspection cameras for quality control, and Microsonic sensors to monitor stock levels.

More details will follow as this solution progresses. Until then, head over to our news page for other interesting reads: