With the ever-increasing need for remote monitoring of water tanks, controlling pumps and general factory IOT (Industrial internet of things), Motion Tronic has developed the solution. 

The ESP32-GSM-Node will allow for the monitoring of two digital inputs, two digital outputs and two 12-bit analog inputs, it is expandable via I2C interface. Designed and manufactured in-house by Motion Tronic. 

At a little over R3000 for a complete unit, it comes with M12 din plugs as factory standard fully enclosed. Our development department is able to design and build custom-tailored solutions to meet your needs.

All firmware is written internally allowing for modifications to meet your custom requirements, should the need arise. Currently, the unit is configured via any mobile device with a web browser and wifi connection.

The unit has adjustable parameters for GSM configuration to suit any sim card provider, scaling for analog inputs and many more features and diagnostics. If you want to get your factory or remote location monitored without the hassle of configuring gateways, etc.

It is as easy as inserting a sim card, setting a minimum of 4 parameters, within seconds you will be sending data to a secure cloud for you to view and control via scada or any web-based solution.

To enquire about our ESP32-GSM-Node for your application, contact Motion Tronic today.