With decades of industry experience, Motion Tronic are leaders in industrial automation, and currently have an extensive client base. We offer world-class products and services to the South African market, allowing our clients to work smarter, not harder.

Across all industries (mining, food & beverage, agriculture, HVAC, plastics & packaging to name a few), we provide solutions that boost efficiency, quality and consistency to reduce lead times and keep you competitive.

With some iconic projects under our belt, we are proud to help clients create safe and sustainable work environments. All of which would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our team.

Leading the team to success, for our business and yours, are our 3 directors that head up their specialist departments.


Bradley Douglas is Motion Tronic’s managing director and oversees the entire operation including all aspects of our 4 specialist divisions. Namely, technical support, repairs, agencies & products, and projects.

Leading the company from strength to strength, since its establishment in 2003. Along the way, the brand and team have won a host of awards, highlighting their dedication to quality solutions and exceptional customer service.

Technology is Bradley’s passion and loves helping clients realise the full potential of their machine assets.


On the projects side of the business we have Francois Potgieter (Projects Manager). Our projects division is responsible for system integrations, servo drive applications, new appliances and creating custom purpose-built machines.

The Motion Tronics Projects Division will also carry out our CAD mechanical and electrical design, as well as PLC programming.

Some other exciting projects that this division typically takes on include robotics automation, fabrication and even retrofits.


Guiding our tireless repairs and technical support divisions is Bradley Potter (Operations Manager). He ensures that our clients are always able to access superior support and guidance.

Impressively, the Motion Tronic service and repairs centre boasts a dyno unit, which can be used to repair servo motors back to original spec. All Motion Tronic repairs carry a 12-month warranty on the same fault.

We’re firm believers of the philosophy “why replace it, when you can repair it?” It is the secret to how, over the years, we have managed to save our clients a significant amount of capital.

If,however, you are in need of replacement parts, Motion Tronic are able to supply new parts (with local stock on hand) and even source obsolete parts if necessary.

Clients always get the very best of Motion Tronic, from all our divisions with a management team and staff composite that always go above and beyond.


Whether you come to Motion Tronic for repairs or a custom-built automation solution, we are proud to report that all our clients experience the same VIP treatment. Keeping you informed and keeping downtime to a minimum, you can rest assured that we have your project’s best interest at heart. Delivering quality results, every time!