Husky is one of the world’s largest brand names in the injection molding and plastics industries, they have received many awards to date, with applications in the beverage and thinwall packaging, various closures, medical, consumer electronics and automotive markets.

At Motion Tronic, we specialise in the integration, installation, maintenance, upgrade and repair of your factory’s machinery, including any Husky machines. In fact, as we approach the festive season, we have been working tirelessly to complete a controls upgrade on a Husky GL300 PET machine.

Which we are very happy to announce is running at full production! The upgrade consisted of replacing the obsolete controllers (it is important to note that sourcing obsolete parts is a very integral service that we, at Motion Tronic, provide). The new control hardware then had to be re-integrated into the system.

Designing the solution to be modular was very important for the project, to ensure that we can produce the same results again. The team made the decision to keep the existing hydraulics, however, it was determined that they should have a good service performed on them before making use of them in the new system. With the new integrations and newly serviced hydraulics, we managed to achieve great cycle time results.

Due to the communication interface and obsolete parts, the handling robot had to be completely redone. We achieved this by using Baumuller DSC series servo motors and BM3300 series drives. A Siemens PLC together with a Siemens 7”Touch HMI provides a simple, user-friendly way to interface with the machine.

Advantages Of The Components Used In This Upgrade

Baumüller DSC series

  • Smooth Running
  • High Overload Capacity & Power Density
  • Less Prone To Detent
  • Slim & Compact
  • Smooth & Hygienic Housing Surface
  • Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
  • Connection Via Terminal Box/Rotatable Plug
  • Protection Rated IP65
  • Optional Extras (Brake & Encoder)

BM3300 series drives

  • Compact Design And Space-saving Construction
  • Precise Positioning Control
  • High-power (up to 5KW)
  • Smooth Running

Siemens PLC

  • Easy To Use & Maintain
  • Flexible
  • Reliable
  • Power Outage Protection
  • Self-diagnosing

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