The annual sps show is a much-anticipated event in the automation industry. Suppliers from around the world exhibit their wares and compete for market share.

This year Motion Tronic had an opportunity to visit the show and explore the innovations on offer. The exhibition itself is enormous and you would be hard-pressed to see everything in the 3 days that it runs. We have compiled a list of our favourites, in case you missed anything or were unable to attend.

Some standouts for us, Siemens booked out an entire hall to showcase their automation solutions ranging from power monitoring to fully Iot automated mass production solutions.

Baumüller exhibited their brand new Iot industrial controller complete with a built-in motion controller. It doesn’t stop there, Baumüller also presented their simulation software that will reduce commissioning time and provide the platform for complex applications to test tuning settings to provide exceptional results.

Microsonic showed off their extensive ultrasonic sensor range. In addition to their current range of sensors with exceptional quality and a proven track record, they have now introduced a range of all-new sensors with IO Link interface. This new range is future-ready and will be easy to integrate into new solutions.

Some behind the scenes

A highlight of the trip was a factory tour of the Weidmuller head office and production facilities in Detmold. The hospitality was phenomenal, we were welcomed and shown how they produce the exceptional quality products that they have to offer the market.

And of course, a trip to Germany does warrant a tour of its rich history, food and drink. Did you know that Germans initially drank beer to stay healthy? Fact! The brewing process was so well supported that the underground cellars were constructed with mind-blowing intricacy, these same cellars later become safe havens when the bombs came.

To sum up, the trip it was informative, fun and festive. We at Motion Tronic are excited to take what we learned and apply it to our systems to provide the innovative solutions we strive for. For more information get in touch. Until then, drink beer!