Some machines grow over time dependant on operational and final-product demand. For this project Motion Tronic was tasked to modify the control of the 5 axis that were added to the end of line processing that was originally controlled exclusively by the operator. Stopping, starting and speed settings were all dependant on the operator intervention. The goal was to reduce operator influence on the product and achieve a drastic reduction in losses due to inconsistent operator control. All existing control hardware had to remain for this project.

Using a Siemens PLC & HMI the existing hardware was integrated and linked to the main line. Complete electronic cascading line synchronization was achieved, and the need for operator intervention was completely eliminated once the run was setup. Tension control adjustment was made available to the operator with Supervisory adjustable limits. The new operator interface had to be made as user friendly & intuitive as possible. Detailed fault reporting was made available for guided breakdown support. Due to high production demands the installation, integration & commissioning was completed in 2 days.