We do not often we get to do work on our local monuments so when the opportunity came to do work on our very own Durban Millennium Tower we were ecstatic! Due to strong storms, the tower required maintenance that meant that the operations had to be temporarily moved to a remote location 2.6km away whilst the Tower undergoes the maintenance. Some local control elements are however fixed to the Tower so a method had to be devised to have control of these local elements from the temporary remote location. We provided a conceptual solution using Siemens PLC & Touch HMI that was approved for implementation. The interfacing control system was developed to retain the original control system but also allow for remote control. In this manner to revert back to the original local controls does not require any technical expertise, the realization of “Plug & Play”.

All the preparation and testing was done prior to the actual site installation so that we were able to install and successfully implement the solution on both sites in one day!

We pride ourselves in our unique approach to applications, having to implement this solution was a truly memorable experience.

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