For this project the client wanted an upgrade that improved machine reliability, reduced the amount of adjustments required from the operator, achieved accurate synchronism between all axes, provided a user-friendly, intuitive interface and integrated the solution into the existing control network.

All the old hardware was removed and replaced with new hardware, for improved reliability, and enclosed in a dedicated panel to simplify fault finding.

New electrical drawings were generated to match what was physically installed as no drawings originally existed.

Electronic synchronisation of the axes made for simpler fine tuning of the line speeds, adjustment on one axis automatically corrects the downstream speeds to ensure that the implemented change only affects the desired area. Simple type entry methods are used to adjust settings and are easy for operators to understand.

Electronic synchronisation provides the ability to change an axis mechanically and with one setting on the operator panel have the new ratio can be synced with the rest of the line, this gives the maintenance members the ability to make changes without fear of long downtime due to calibration difficulties.

The new drive panel was seamlessly integrated into the existing ProfiNet fieldbus using Weidmuller Uremote IO. Two new Siemens HMI’s were developed and installed to provide the control operators needed for the line. Fault reporting, trending of heat and power are useful data the HMI provides in real time to achieve the best results.

This project was a great success and we look forward to helping you with your next project.


This upgrade aimed to improve performance reliability, include a blank cutting mode, electronically synchronize the axis & simplify the operator control input. We included a 1-month free subscription to our IoT Node for the client.

The original control panel was removed and a new control desk within the same footprint was installed. Utilising the Siemens S7 PLC to perform all the control and Siemens HMI interface.

The installation has a new set of up-to-date electrical drawings. The user interface is simple to use and offers all important operator information at a glance. 

Electronically, the driven axes were synchronised with the 

upstream line. Accurate length measurement of the rolled product for consistent batching. The IoT node was configured to capture running length and run time for management use. 

This is a simple solution that works reliably across a wide range of industries, if you need help with your installation or need a complete solution, do not hesitate to contact us, sales@motiontronic.co.za.