Automation of your factory and production facilities is the way the world is moving, to increase efficiencies, boost productivity and grow profits.

The cost of all these benefits is simple: maintenance, upkeep and, where necessary, upgrade of these industrial automation technologies. An important element to upgrade is that of your control equipment. Aging control equipment can lead to breakdowns that require obsolete parts to repair, which is not an ideal situation to find yourself in.

We all know that breakdowns can halt production, and every minute spent with no output is money lost. Obsolete parts may be difficult to source, which is why this scenario should be avoided in the first place.

Should you require obsolete parts for a repair, Motion Tronic has access to a wide network and range of suppliers to help you track down exactly what you are looking for.

New PLC Case Study

Recently, we converted an old Mitsubishi FX-series PLC control system with the new iQ-R series PLC. 

The new integrated modular controller offers:

  • Effective integration & compatibility
  • More intelligent control
  • Highly scalable hardware platform
  • Extreme I/O capabilities
  • Concurrent monitoring or mapping of all channels
  • Robust security

Installation of the new system entailed a complete rebuild of the control panel with integration into a new jig.

This project also called for the introduction of a barcode scanner, to streamline the production process. This barcode scanner helped manage the recipe selection. Higher level production monitoring was integrated, to continuously deliver data about the parts being processed, to a central server.

A custom operator panel, used for this solution, resulted in a design with all field connections pluggable, for easy and quick installation. The sequence also needed to be updated to accommodate more moving clamps for additional models. 

At Motion Tronic, we offer a diverse range of products and services. With the knowledge and expertise to assist clients with a wide range of projects from fabrication and retrofits, to completely custom, purpose-built machines.

Chat to us about your needs and ideas, together we can help your business realise it’s full potential with optimised machine assets.