Choosing the Right Sensor for Your Application

With so many different sensing technologies on the market, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Motion Tronic explains how to select the perfect sensor for your business.


What to Look for In a Sensor

Choosing the right sensor is more about eliminating all the inappropriate options – and that becomes a lot easier when you can spell out exactly what you need from a sensor. Follow these five steps to help you work through all the available options in order to find the perfect sensor for your application.

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1. What Type Of Sensing Needs To Be Done?


Start by establishing what the parameters are. Does the sensor need to pick up variables like temperature, pressure, torque, weight or volume? Or is it supposed to detect the presence of a particular object or measure a specific distance? You know your processes and what they require. Once you settle on this first answer, you will already have narrowed your options down considerably.


2. Distance


How far away from the object or material does the sensor need to be mounted? This will help you understand how sensitive the sensor needs to be.


3. What Are Your Limitations?


Your sensor needs to integrate into your existing systems, so what are the limitations of your operation? Do you have space limits? What size and shape does the sensor need to be to fit in?


4. What Sort Of Control Interface Do You Want?


This consideration is important both for the capacities of the current system and the abilities of your staff. What kind of interface and logic are required? Do you need NO or NC switching? PNP or NPN? If you are not sure of these answers, your sensor supplier and/or system integrator will be able to help you.


5. What Is The Target?


What sort of target are you dealing with? What is its composition? Is it a solid, liquid or gas? Is it metallic or non-metallic, magnetic or non-magnetic? Each of these will require a different type of sensor.


Trust Motion Tronic to Supply You with The Perfect Right Sensor


Motion Tronic specialises in installation, service and support of automation systems across all industries. Contact us if you need help deciding what kind of sensors to buy for your systems. 


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